The S-Box™ pop-up socket and storage innovations are unique. Not only do they rise automatically to action, at the touch of a finger, they offer both Designer and Client much more than might first appear. Because all the products have a very special ‘trick’ up their sleeve!

Each model comes with infinite customisation built in – a design that enables the simple exchange of its standard stainless steel top – for one that matches its surroundings. Each unit is cleverly adjustable after delivery, enabling it to offset both the weight and thickness difference between the existing top and its new replacement – whilst still maintaining its same automatic ‘pop-up’ action!

No other non-electric-lift system in the world can do this!

= Clever Kinetics with Chameleon skills!


S-Box products make clever use of wasted space at the rear or corners of cabinets, the voids in kitchen islands and those dead zones within built-in or freestanding furniture.

All S-Box models are complete and ready to use, right from their ‘drop-in’ installation, and feature brushed stainless steel as their standard top finish. With a range of pre-designed uses, the S-Box pop-up socket and storage collection offers a global range of space-saving solutions which add style and value to any Interior Design.

….with no loss of countertop space either!

4 ways to install every product

All products are delivered with a standard stainless steel finish, for universal use but they can all be customised after delivery (by your worktop provider) to suit the look required.


Stainless Steel Top & Collar showing – surface mounted


Stainless Steel collar showing – with top changed to match


Rebated (inset) into 30mm material or above


Rebated – sitting on secondary layer below 20mm material

Pop-up solutions... with optional camouflage... built in!